What you will learn with this eBook

Content of the book was tested with old schoolers and newbies and both parties can find here something useful.
The methods work 100% and anyone can do them.
All you need is some initial crypto and at least base understanding of how to install wallet or use exchanges. No tech or trading skills needed at all.

What is NOT Inside

– How to buy BTC/Crypto, this you need to learn before reading this book
– How to install and secure wallets, this you need to learn before reading this book
– How to install servers, this is NOT needed for this methods and tips
– How to compile wallets, this is NOT needed for this methods and tips

What It is NOT About

– making money from referrals
– lending cryptos
– installing masternodes
– running proof of stake wallets
– mining of any PoW algo
– using betting or casino sites
– investing into ICOs

Its About

– Multiplying cryptocurrency
– Taking advantages of technologies
– Using knowledge as leverage
– Making money
– Using no tech or trading skills

What our readers say

Don’t take our word, see our testimonials

The ebook shows that its not about how long you are in the game but how informed you are. Short and to the point methods.

Dominik Zynis, WINGS co-founder

Interesting e-book to read, nice for beginners and it truly hold some good tips

Stephan de Haas, Haasonline CEO

About Author

This is not an ebook by a rookie or someone testing the grounds teaching you silly things.


The author is into Bitcoin since 2010/2011 and started blogging in 2013 on famous https://fuk.io blog. Currently is one of top authors on Steemit blockchain social media with over 29 000 followers, a moderator on Bitcoin forums and an influencer who worked with many blockchain companies, services, tokens and ICOs.
Kingscrown believes that real trader makes money on markets not from his readers so all informations he shares for free like this very ebook.

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